The properties totaling 300-acres of land, now known as Omaha Ranch, have been acquired over the past 3+ decades by the Rossitto Family. The original property was used primarily as a timber harvesting investment, with light family recreational use.

Exotic Wildlife

Over the years, the Ranch’s transformation has included the installation of over 5 miles of high fence to house the Ranch’s growing population of exotic and domestic game animals. The diversity of native non-game animals is equally incredible. Over the years, we have seen cougars, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, otter, beavers, racoons, and bald eagles, just to name a few. Much of the Ranch is woodlands pasture, which offers shelter to the animals and enhances the natural beauty.

The Ranch is blessed with three spring-fed creeks that flow year-round, even in years of extreme drought. We have a total of eight lakes and ponds, some of which are stocked with a variety of fish. The Ranch also has manufactured hay fields, some are native grasses and some are irrigated hybrid Bermuda grasses.


White Tail $2900+
Axis Deer $2500+
Fallow Deer $3000+
Bison $4500+
...and more